Our Mission:

To help you meet your Physical Therapy and Wellness goals with the convenience of mobile services that come to your home of office. Our goal is for you to have a pain-free and healthy lifestyle.

I have been a Physical Therapist since 2003.  Over the years, I have seen healthcare change significantly.  On the patient’s side, I have seen insurance premiums and deductibles rise.  On the Physical Therapist’s side, costs associated with providing PT have gone up tremendously and reimbursement from insurance companies for services provided has been cut.  This is a formula that does not benefit the patient at all because not only does it make it challenging to provide patients with quality care, it also ultimately leads to a reduction in both patient outcomes and patient satisfaction.  

Have you ever been to a PT appointment and found you felt rushed with your health care provider?  Physical Therapists may see as many as four patients in an hour, utilizing aides or assistants to supervise exercises and perform therapies including ultrasound or electrical stimulation.  Now more than ever, insurance companies have certain restrictions which place constraints on patient care.  This often means that patients are in physical therapy up to three times per week for several weeks, which can be costly to the patient, extremely consuming, and sadly not very effective overall.  

With traditional health insurance, the goal is to get the patient “well enough.” Not pain free. This often means patients finish physical therapy feeling better, but not completely satisfied. If you go back to your daily routine or your workout schedule not completely healed, that could easily lead to re-injury.

After seeing the effects of the typical Physical Therapy service, I knew I had to create a better solution.

ReThrive is Mobile Physical Therapy and Wellness. With ReThrive, you will have full hour of one-on-one care with a licensed Physical Therapist. In each session, you’ll receive the services you truly need to improve and thrive.

With this model, you’ll often require only one session per week. Also, treatment is usually completed within 7 to 8 sessions thanks to the more focused treatment approach.  

While we offer mobile services to eliminate your commute and treat you in the comfort and convenience of your home or work, we can also provide PT services at our ReThrive office in Scottsdale, AZ.

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