What Our Patients Are Saying About Dr. Ullman

I went to Eric Ullman after being told by another physical therapist that there was no therapy that could help my back. Fortunately, that therapist was wrong and thanks to Eric’s exercises and treatments I am back to being an active person! In addition to his excellent competence, he is kind, on time for appointments and always available for questions and advice. I highly recommend Eric Ullman.
— Ilene G
When you have a relationship with your physical therapist for over 12 years and countless injuries you know he’s that good. Eric has been fixing me for years and there is not a better therapist in town. From knees to back, ankles, thumbs, neck, wrists and now shoulder, nobody, and I mean nobody, will heal you faster and better than Eric.
— Anthony B.
I have had a TMJ issue and was initially seeing a TMJ specialist in the area. After spending over $3000 and being fitted with teeth splints and prescribed anti-inflammatories I could tell that I had spent a lot of money on nothing. My dentist recommended Eric Ullman of Re-Thrive wellness to look into my situation. After seven visits I have substantially improved my TMJ issue. This was clearly not a medical device or medicine issue but more physical therapy to make sure my spine, flexibility and upper neck was in alignment.

Eric’s knowledge and professionalism has been exemplary. He is excellent to work with and has a terrific personality on top of it all. I highly recommend Eric and would recommend him before spending a lot more money for Rx-based approaches. I now believe that physical therapy can address a number of ailments that have been treated for years by popping another pill. I highly recommend visiting with Eric Ullman for a consultation.
— Drew G.